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Harness the power of Frutopia's energy cores to win!

In the far corners of space the Fruit city of Frutopia emerges from the depths, unleashing the mystic powers of its five strata. Only those with perfect qualities and impeccable skills can enter and draw the power of the mighty Frutopia energy cores to stand tall and claim the crystalline riches of the highest stratum of Frutopia.

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Game Specifications

Game TypeVideo slot
Game keyVSLine_TNP
Lines1; 8; 27; 64; 125
Max winx3190
JurisdictionsMalta, UK, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Portugal, Slovakia, Croatia

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Spin the reels and claim the crystalline riches of the highest stratum of Frutopia!

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The game features 5 Frutopia levels, each of which has a different number of active ways and symbols. The game is enhanced with 2 Frutopia Bars – red and green. They indicate the progress through the current Frutopia level. The Red Frutopia Bar displays the number of Lives players have. When there is no winning combination in the spin,  players lose one section on the Red Frutopia Bar. This loss can be prevented by landing a Red Energy Core symbol on the reels. After all sections fade away, players return to the previous level. Players work towards completing all sections of the Green Frutopia Bar to move to the next level. A section on the Green Frutopia Bar is added when there is a  winning combination or when a special  Green Energy Core symbol lands on the reels.



Energy Cores are special symbols connected to Frutopia Bars. There are 2 types of Energy Core symbols in this game. When landed on the reels in a non-winning combination, a Red Energy Core symbol prevents a section on the Red Frutopia Bar from dropping down. The Green Energy Core symbol behaves in the same way, however it adds one section on the Green Frutopia Bar.



When players reach the 5th Frutopia level and fill all sections of the Green Frutopia Bar, 10 Free Spins are initiated. The Frutopia Free Spins use the same number of ways  and bet value as the spin that triggered the feature. Free Spins are not retriggerable. Once  this bonus game is finished, players will start over from  the 1st Frutopia level.

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