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Tom Horn Gaming announces unlimited paid leave policy

26th January 2023

In addition to being a fully distributed business, Tom Horn Gaming has adopted an unlimited paid leave policy for all its employees effective immediately. 

With the new holiday scheme, the Tom Horn Gaming crew will be able to take leave from work when needed without a fixed vacation day entitlement. The move gives even more freedom to team members, while letting them decide on when and how they’re going to use their time off. 

“The policy is meant to give our people flexibility to juggle their professional and personal lives more effectively, leading to an uptick in well-being and employee satisfaction,” said Viktoria Mykhailenko, Head of HR at Tom Horn Gaming.

She continues: “We value trust and transparency above all else, whilst focusing on results and quality. We strongly believe this new approach to taking a break from work will increase productivity, encourage employee autonomy and establish a sense of empowerment of our colleagues.”

A culture of transparency and trust, availability of resources, and a growth mindset are the core pillars of Tom Horn Gaming’s philosophy. By fostering an open culture the supplier has been able to create a unique working landscape that respects and values its employees as trustworthy individuals who can take the ownership of their actions and be responsible for their work.. 

Ondrej Lapides, CEO at Tom Horn Gaming added: “Our company thrives on productivity and creativity. This change focuses more on what our people do and not on how many hours or days they work. The world is constantly changing and we embrace the new challenges with an agile approach that allows for new innovative solutions, not only in product development, but also in the way we work and relax.”

Scrapping traditional annual leave policy is just another step in Tom Horn Gaming’s long-term transformation mission, which aims to make the company more effective and attractive for the best industry talent.


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