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Diversity and inclusion essential for igaming industry’s success

22nd April 2024

Anna Shahumyan, our Business Development Manager, recently participated in the G&M Events Spain conference in Cadiz. In an exclusive sit-down with G&M News, she shares her experiences from the conference, chats about Tom Horn Gaming’s achievements in 2023, and the company’s stance on diversity and inclusion. She also gives a sneak peek into our plans for 2024.

Q: You recently participated in G&M Events Spain in Cadiz. Could you share your thoughts on this event, particularly focusing on the commercial and social aspects of the event? 

Participating in G&M Events Spain in Cadiz was an enriching experience for me. On a commercial level, it provided a valuable platform to connect with both potential and existing partners, fostering relationships crucial for our business growth. The event's vibrant atmosphere, complemented by the beautiful Andalusian setting and delicious food facilitated meaningful interactions among industry professionals. 

I found the panel discussions, particularly the one focusing on marketing strategies,  brand positioning, as well as on relationship between affiliates and business development, to be very insightful, offering valuable perspectives on navigating the competitive igaming landscape. A notable takeaway was the emphasis on maintaining professionalism and integrity in our actions and communications, as highlighted by the quote: "If you do or say something wrong in this industry, it can ruin your whole career or people’s opinion about you.”

Q: What notable business achievements did Tom Horn Gaming accomplish in  2023?

In 2023, Tom Horn Gaming saw a number of significant milestones across various facets of our business. We have expanded our market presence, penetrated deeper into existing markets, launched innovative products, secured strategic partnerships, and grew as a team. All while achieving notable financial growth. These accomplishments underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation within the gaming industry.


Q: Which products from your product portfolio are most favoured by customers, and which markets is Tom Horn Gaming currently targeting?

Our product portfolio boasts a diverse range of offerings tailored to meet the evolving preferences of our customers and players around the world. Among the favourites are our engaging slot titles combining classic slot genres with new exciting features such  as our proprietary bonus buy mechanic QuickX™. Exclusive content from our partner studios, and innovative software solutions are also highly sought-after as they add a great value to our partners’ operations. 

In terms of markets, Tom Horn Gaming strategically targets regions with a growing demand for online gaming entertainment, including but not limited to Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Our tailored approach allows us to effectively cater to the unique preferences and regulatory requirements of each market.


Q: In an article for our ‘Women in the Sector’ section, you stated: “It brings me great joy to witness female professionals breaking new ground.” How do you believe the igaming sector can progress toward more inclusive work environments? Furthermore, could you discuss Tom Horn's stance and initiatives regarding diversity and gender equality within the company?

The igaming industry has rapidly changed over the past years. Promoting diversity and fostering inclusive work environments have become essential for the continued advancement of the industry. 

Despite the significant strides  we have made in this respect, it can still be challenging for women in the igaming industry at times. Though it is getting rarer, we still encounter unprofessional behaviour from our male colleagues. It's imperative that we collectively work towards breaking down barriers and creating equal opportunities for underrepresented groups, including women.

At Tom Horn Gaming, we recognise the importance of diversity and equality and are committed to fostering a workplace culture that values and celebrates differences. We actively promote gender diversity through initiatives such as mentorship programmes, leadership development opportunities, and creating a supportive environment where all employees feel empowered to thrive.


Q: As we're in the midst of 2024, how would you assess the company's progress in meeting its objectives for the year so far? Additionally, what key business strategies does Tom Horn Gaming plan to implement for the remainder of the year?

As we navigate through 2024, we are pleased with the progress we've made towards our set objectives. Our focus remains on driving innovation, expanding our market reach, and enhancing customer experiences. 

Moving forward, our business strategy will prioritise investments in technology, product development, and strategic partnerships to maintain our competitive edge. Additionally, we will continue to adapt to regulatory changes and consumer trends to ensure sustained growth and success in the dynamic igaming landscape.



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